Exposure Team

Satisfying customers needs
Leo Rees-Evans
Manager / Web Designer
Specialising in web design with an attentive eye for detail, Leo is quite the perfectionist and not satisfied until the customer is. He spends most of his time coordinating the team and ensuring the best quality of service is provided, while keeping up on projects. Full of fresh ideas and inspiration, Leo loves his career and plays a big role within the team.
Haydn Rushworth
Creative Marketing Director
Haydn is the creative in our team. He has an eye for what works and what doesn’t in terms of visuals. He specialises in video production and photography. Haydn’s work has been broadcast on the UK’s BBC national television channels five times, with some broadcasts having been watched by several million viewers at a time. Haydn’s video work is credited with having made a significant contribution to the outcome of a national Welsh campaign that produced results that defied all the polling companies and book-makers.
Yulia Rushworth
Business Development Consultant
Yulia is our social media queen. She studied literature at uni but she discovered she’s a bit of a tech head in embryo. She’s committed to spreading the word online and harnessing the useful means of advertising we have access to today.
Jason Bishop
Graphic Designer
As well as running his own graphic design company, Jason heads our small team of graphic designers and is also a passionate film-maker. Along with Haydn, they make things happen to help your business dazzle visually and convey your message really fast, and memorably.