We’re Exposure UK an online marketing company, here to help your business reach maximum potential


Our Approach is Holistic

Exposure’s work aims to be holistic. We feel it’s pointless giving you a beautiful website that may be exactly what you’ve envisaged, but which isn’t going to be found by your customers and which won’t make you any money. Our sites therefore prioritise featuring those elements that we feel are tried and tested and which enhance the functionality of the site and maximise the likelihood that your prospective customers will become your actual customers.

A Digital Presence

Whatever service you provide, we recognise that the future of your business will rely heavily on your digital presence.

Forward Thinking

A great online presence this year will look dated and out-of-touch within a couple of years. We stay abreast of the trends.

Problem Solvers

The best solution is usually the simplest. We aim for the simplest, most upgradable and workable digital solutions.

Customer Support

We’re available by phone and email, and to solve problems fast we simplify your support requests with guided forms.

Our Story…

Operating under the trade name ‘1st Exposure’, we designed our very first client’s website in HTML in 2005. Although the client was generous-spirited and raved about the work and paid well, by today’s standards the website was embarrassingly ugly and primitive. But a great deal has changed over the last ten years and websites today are hugely more sophisticated in nearly every sense.

While avoiding annoying and distracting new gimmicks that break when the CMS updates, our team nonetheless aims to be at the forefront of every new useful development, incorporating these into our latest designs once they’re proven stable and popular.

What’s Important to Us?

What we think has the greatest relative impact on your online sales strategy.

  • Simple, attractive, memorable logo 20%
  • Short, memorable domain name 25%
  • Video that captures your brand’s ethos and values 40%
  • Blog / Social media activity – proof you’re passionate 50%
  • Beautiful, easy to navigate website 60%
  • Good search engine performance 70%
  • Customer reviews 90%

“We make it our business to understand your business”

Exposure’s raison d’être

Exposure VC are passionate about what we do: optimising the online presence of businesses and enhancing the digital relationship between customers and companies.

We want all our clients to be the very best in their respective competitive fields; to possess the most coveted reputations in their industries; to enjoy the best possible rapport and most fluent relationships with their customers; and to benefit from optimal growth in every area of their service delivery. And all our work and advice serves towards precisely these ends.

How We’re Useful to You

Once you ask us to, we make it our business to understand your business. While acknowledging that you’re the experts in your field, we nonetheless approach your business through the eyes of your prospective clients.

It’s a commonly occurring but false premise that those who best understand a business are those who are best equipped to communicate it. The reality is that the majority of businesses benefit from asking suitably qualified objective ‘outsiders’ to take a fresh look at how they’re presenting themselves with a view to confirming whether their operation is indeed succeeding in communicating their offerings optimally to their prospects. In most cases, the reality is that this is not being achieved, and past efforts are simply not being capitalised on to produce the best possible outcomes for the company.

The View From Here

Looking ahead, we get the sense that the concept of displaying customer reviews as the most convincing means of expressing a business’ reputation, is pretty soon going to start catch on exponentially. As things stand, it is still only the savvy minority of websites that display off-site customer reviews on an on-site widget.

With 9 out of 10 customers saying that reading positive reviews influences who they choose to do business with, we believe that the concept of hosting customer reviews on the client’s own website is about to re-define the online market.

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