Remove obstacles to sales

There are a number of blocks that stand in the way of a client going ahead with a sale. Some of them are:

1. Your potential clients don’t know enough about you

This occurs where your website content is sparse, doesn’t include reassuring images that allow prospects to build a mental picture of who they’re actually dealing with, and not having a system that allows third party endorsements of your services.

2. You don’t have comprehensive pricing information on your website

You may have prices that fluctuate on a daily basis and many seemingly excellent excuses for not wanting to divulge your prices openly. Should this be the case, you’ll certainly get clients and inquiries provided all the other previously mentioned tick-boxes have been ticked.

However, research shows, you could significantly increase your success rate by advertising your prices. The vast majority of consumers understand that the cheapest offer isn’t always the best offer, especially in the service industry. Those who don’t care about things like customer service and are just looking for the cheapest price are happy to bother you with an unqualified inquiry and won’t mind wasting your time, getting you excited about the prospect of a sale, only to prove to be a Tyre-kicker once they know what you charge. With live feed systems that allow you to implement a simple algorithm that constantly indexes your prices to a known variable – albeit with a pre-programmed factor increase, there’s really no good reason not to publish prices.

Think about how you feel about following: If you’re shopping for clothes and nothing has a label on and there’s a shop close by that has similar clothes and price tags, aren’t you likely to leave and go there instead, rather than having to wait for a shop assistant to walk around with you and tell you the price of everything before you decide whether you’re interested? Or if you want to book a safari and there are two sites that look excellent; one has prices and the other doesn’t; the one that doesn’t could be exorbitant and you want to make a quick decision in principle while your mind is on the matter; won’t you be more likely to approach the company that discloses prices? The answer may be obvious but we find business owners on a daily basis who don’t see this… which is of course great news for those business who do!

3. Your prospects are not able to find your office

There’s nothing more infuriating for anyone who values their own time than to attempt to navigate to your premises, get close, and realise that finding their way in is not going to be as simple as they had hoped. In many cases the client will give up and decide to go somewhere else instead, somewhere more easily accessible.

It is therefore crucial that if your clients are expected to attend your premises your website has a link that will open a navigation App on their mobile device, so that they can get voice guidance all the way to your door. Long-winded descriptions of how to find you that use references that you’re familiar with and you assume are obvious to everyone (even people who don’t actually know the error) absolutely don’t work and just annoy prospects. You need to include a link like this – and one that opens in a new tab so that you don’t lose the client and they forget how to get back to your site. Or better still, you’ll have  a MiReviewz listing which is linked to your site through a widget and which allows readers to get a visual impression of your site as well as directions and navigation link – all without having to risk getting distracted by a competitor when searching for this information themselves via search engines.

4. Having a complicated payment system

Many sales are lost – especially for transactions of low and mid values – by a payment system that is drawn out and complicated. Thankfully, clients have been forced to become more patient in recent years because online payments are fraught with red-flagging algorithms left, right and center that typically block around 1 in 4 payments that are entirely legitimate in nature. However, if your payment methods are convoluted, the chances are the client will either get bored and fed-up of the hassle, or else will get distracted by a competitor with a simpler payment method.

If you’re selling online – especially to international clients – it is essential that you have a reliable E-Commerce system. PayPal is necessary as backup, in case a card issuer registers some random or arbitrary objection with a particular payment terminal’s server, but for the most part, the fees associated with PayPal will either impact your bottom line to an unacceptable degree (if you absorb them yourself), or will be objected to by clients who are not used to paying more than 2% – if anything- to pay with their credit or debit cards.

If your business has offshore accounts in a non-taxable jurisdiction, you’re going to need to find an E-Commerce provider that is able to work with an offshore merchant account – which is a very rare facility. Exposure Concepts has a good working relationship with one and we’ll be happy to hook you up.