SEO – The Importance of Search Engine Optimisation

Irrespective of whatever other measures you may have implemented, the very first thing a business needs to achieve is prominence – that is to say, that your prospective customers need to find you when they’re searching for a business that can offer them the kinds of services that they need, and which you are able to supply. Ideally, the best outcome would be that your business’ SERP (search engine results page) snippet should sit near the top of the first page on Google’s index for all the keywords that you expect your prospective clients to type in when trying to find the sort of services that you provide.

To obtain prominence, long term, you’re definitely going to need an effective organic SEO strategy, however, if your field is very competitive it may take months, or in some cases, even years – to get onto the front page. While you wait for this happy day to arrive, you probably want to be paid, so you’ll also need to look at paid advertising methods.

Getting Started with Google Adwords

Imagine you’ve just come up with a new business idea and asked us to make a website for you that features the services you propose to offer and which employs best practice in all areas of SEO. Although you realise that you’re going to have to wait for the search engines to start indexing and ranking your website, it is nonetheless possible to make your first sale today, without having to wait to acquire prominence ‘organically’. For readers not yet familiar with Google Adwords, how this method works is that – having created an account with Google and supplied your payment details to them – you simply sign into Google Adwords and create a new campaign.

A Thousand New Visits Will Probably Get You 5 Sales

Having chosen some compelling wording to drive prospective customers to your site from the ad which appears in Google’s search results, you then decide on your daily budget and the maximum amount you’re willing to pay each time a person visits your website from this ‘sponsored listing’. In a field of average competitiveness you’ll probably pay around $1 a visitor, so an advertising budget of say, $100 a month, will serve to bring around 1,200 new visitors to your website annually. Bearing in mind that an average conversion rate – being the percentage of people who visit your site who actually get in touch with you – is around 2.5%; and of those that contact you, around 1 in 5 will probably buy from you.

Having said this, it is possible to enjoy higher conversion rates than the average figure factored into the above calculation, and it may also be the case that your industry is less competitive and the cost of a click is as low as $0.50 rather than a dollar, but for caution’s sake when contemplating whether this method is going to work for you, you should bear in mind that the top 25% performing websites have an average conversion rate of around 5.5%. Hopefully, you’ll be liaising with us regularly to improve your content and submit content upgrade requests, and so we’d hope that you achieved higher conversions than the average, but it would be unwise to bank on this hope when strategising at the outset.

Adwords is Only Useful With Margins of $200+ Per Sale

This means that you’ll probably be spending $1,200 a year for 30 people to get in touch with you and for 6 people to buy from you. So, if the average amount you make from each sale is substantially more than $200 (or if your sales team is very good at converting leads into sales) then you’ll get a positive return on your advertising investment. But if your average profit is smaller than $200 a sale, then Google Adwords is probably not for you.

Exposure VC Can Manage Adwords for You

If you decide you do want to advertise with Google Adwords but you don’t have time to manage your own campaign, or feel you won’t get to grips with running it yourself, you can ask Exposure VC to manage your Google Adwords campaign for you. We charge a fee of 10% of your approved advertising budget for Adwords.

Facebook Advertising

In the first quarter of 2016, Facebook surprised themselves by tripling their revenues when compared with the previous year. The reason for this was attributed to their pioneering advertising methods, which have transpired to be much more cost-competitive than Google’s, however, their success will probably mean that over the course of the next couple of years, they will increase the cost of their advertising.

For now, however, clients should take advantage of the fact that Facebook advertising is currently under-priced. In our experience, we find that the average current cost for a new website visitor is around $0.30, and for a video view it’s between $0.01 and $0.10. However, while video views are cheap, you should bear in mind that a video view is worth far less to you in conversion terms than is a visit to your website.

Ask Exposure VC to Handle Your Facebook Campaigns

Similarly to Google Adwords, if you wish Exposure VC to create and manage your Facebook advertising campaigns, we charge 10% of your advertising budget. And while we can create video campaigns for clients from anywhere in the world, we are only able to assist with video production to our clients in Cardiff, London, Sofia and surrounding areas.

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