Domain Name Reservation x 4


In your order notes, please state your preferred top three domain names and extensions, in order of preference. We will endeavour to obtain the domain that’s at the top of your list, and will proceed to the next if the top choice is not available. If we have concerns about your choice we’ll aim to contact you by phone. If we can’t reach you, we’ll proceed with your top available choice.


This reservation fee includes:

  • Annual registration of a .com or domain – subject to availability with registrar at the basic rate
  • (Note that new domains such as .direct or .store incur additional fees to register)
  • Initial set-up of the website – WordPress installation and security plugins
  • Creation of FTP account
  • DNS zone creation
  • Pointing of name servers to our own hosting server
  • Creation of mail account on our own mail server
  • Creation of company email address, info@{}
  • Creation of Apache directive exceptions for enhanced site security

Choosing Your Domain Name

When reserving a domain name we recommend that you choose something that’s short, memorable, and preferably, unique. If your market is confined to customers within your own country, it’s acceptable either to choose a or a .com extension. If your services are exported we recommend aiming to obtain the .com extension, where possible.

For a while there was a trend in domain name selection to incorporate your main keywords into your domain name, but Google has in recent years claimed that this does not generate any advantage for the website owner, and in our own view, even it Google’s assertions are not entirely accurate, having a longer, more descriptive domain name substantially reduces the likelihood that people will remember how to find your site or be able to recall it when describing it to a friend in casual conversation.

Shorter Domains are Usually Better

For example, when naming this website, we may have chosen more descriptive domains like these:


but these URLs are very hard to read at a glance, and when trying to recall them, we estimate that fewer than 15% of readers would remember them more than a hour later with perfect accuracy, when describing them to a friend, typing them directly into a web browser, or Googling them. Conversely, is short, easy to take-in at a glance, and by our estimation is likely to be recalled by in excess of 60% of readers having been seen only once.

In branding, the big priority is to ensure you are not forgotten, and that you are easy to talk about.