One-Time SEO and Link Building Package


This once-off SEO audit, on-site optimisation and high-quality link-building package is expected to make a significant impact on your prominence with Google. This package targets the country in which your operation is located. Further to your satisfactory assessment of the gains we achieve for you with this package, we are able to target subsequent countries at 50% of the cost of this package, where your products and services are exported internationally. In most cases, we expect to start seeing positive results within 6-8 weeks.


  • Creation and optimisation of alt tags
  • Social media optimisation
  • Load time improvements without over-caching / impacting dynamic content
  • Link validity audit
  • Geographic targeting
  • Country-level link building
  • Respected link building programme
  • Long tail keyword generation strategy

Search engine optimisation companies will generally want to get you onboard as a client, paying a respectable monthly subscription fee, while they tinker behind the scenes doing their magic, supposedly on an uniform ongoing basis. The reality however, is that while there is indeed moderate monthly maintenance that is required to be done to ensure links don’t become obsolete, announcements to changes in Google’s algorithms are monitored in terms of how they impact on your site, and you don’t get nasty surprises when Google hits you with unexpected penalties, nonetheless, the vast majority of the work of technical SEO is completed within the initial few weeks of taking on a contract.

Affordable One-Off SEO Packages

Exposure VC’s SEO pricing structure reflects this fact. We don’t make any attempt to try to convince you that what we do for you on an ongoing basis is in any way equivalent to what we’ll do in the first few weeks, having undertaken to boost the prominence of your site at the outset. Rather we charge a once-off set up fee to fund the initially very intensive work of building a high-quality, white hat link profile and optimising your ALT tags and social media accounts, and then, once this is done, we expect your postion to continue to gain strength on Google’s search results, even though we are no longer working on your site.

Low Cost Ongoing Monitoring and Maintenance of SEO

In addition to this one-off fee, we do however, also encourage you to take out our very modestly priced SEO maintenance package to ensure that you remain current, as what we do for you may be spot-on today but it may not be completely optimal a couple of months down the line.