Website Setup (Domain Owners)


For business owners that already have their domain and would like Exposure VC to design their website and host their site, this package must be purchased prior to the site being created.


This reservation fee includes:

  • Initial set-up of the website – WordPress installation and security plugins
  • Creation of FTP account
  • DNS zone creation
  • Pointing of name servers to our own hosting server
  • Creation of mail account on our own mail server
  • Creation of company email address, info@{}
  • Creation of Apache directive exceptions for enhanced site security

Pointing Your Domain to Our Server

Once you informed us of your domain name and have purchased this option please access the control panel from which you can configure your domain settings and change your primary and seconday name servers to the following:

  • Primary name server:
  • Secondary name server:

Note that you must first purchase this option and inform us of your domain name prior to changing your name server settings. Changing your name server settings prior to our creating a new DNS zone will result in an error reported by your egistrar and may delay our being able to to start work on your website.

Checking If Your Domain Has Propagated to Our Server

Depending on where your domain is regsitered, it may take up to 24 hours for the name server changes to propagate around the world. With most registrars, however, the process completes within some 3-5 hours.

Will I Be Relinquishing My Domain to Exposure VC?

Absolutely not. If you already own a domain you will retain control. You will simply be pointing the domain to our server. If at any time you wish to host your site elsewhere you need only advise us to create a backup of your site and then change the name server settings to those of your new hosts. We’ll then supply you with the backup of your site and advise you how to restore it on your new hosts. However, we trust you’ll find the performance of our server second-to-none.