WordPress Website Revision (Deposit)


This product is for businesses that already have functioning Wordpress websites, Exposure will overhaul the appearance of the website. The website will be changed aesthetically, in line with our relevant company standards.


Purchasing this product will supply your business with a revision to your already fully functioning WordPress website. Included with your revision will be:

  • Revision of the aesthetics of your website.
  • Update of theme.

Complete overhaul of appearance

Exposure will completely change the appearance of your WordPress website, the end product will be in line with our company standards. Our company standard differs depending on the cost of the revision, one of our agents will go through with you what standard can be expected for this price.

Because of the nature of this product, your company will need to liaise with one of our agents and detail to them what exactly you would like changed & developed.

Alternatively please send an email with all of the relevant changes needed in the revision to info@exposure.vc