WordPress Website


Most new websites written today are created in Wordpress. This content management system provides access to the work of a vast array of developers. Websites created in Wordpress are therefore the most future-proof websites available and are able to take advantage of nearly every new development that affects the industry.


Purchasing this product will supply your company with a customised, hand-made, elegant, simple-to-maintain, up-to-date website that conforms to current search engine optimisation best practice guidelines. Included with your website will be:

  • Domain name registration
  • Website hosting on our own server
  • Email accounts hosted on a separate mail server

Much More Secure Than Standard Packages

While most developers are nowadays concentrating their resources on writing plugins and add-ons for the hugely popular content management system, WordPress, it’s success does also attract the attention of malware writers. WordPress is well known to become susceptible to malware that can infect and destroy a website, damaging the domain’s reputation with search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, and undoing a lot of hard work and investment in your brand.

Exposure’s Wordpress websites enjoy the highest level of security that make them much more malware-proof than standard website purchases. As standard all our sites feature:

  • Default Apache directives that block all edit attempts from any IP addresses that we have not authorised to access the site’s back-end
  • Plugins that report suspected exploit attempts to our team immediately
  • Automatic updaters that ensure that as each developer updates their plugin to address vulnerabilities, our sites download and install new versions automatically
  • SMTP mail-handlers that route email through a separate dedicated mail server, making SSH and SMTP attacks on your site impossible