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Started in March 2000 when our founder arrived exhausted but exhilarated on Kilimanjaro’s summit after climbing the mountain in just thirteen hours, Exposure is a team of adventure loving people that are passionate about wild, beautiful places around the world that offer the opportunity to challenge ourselves and tap into personal reserves that most people go through life never having reason to discover.

We arrange expeditions in several countries around the world, with our most popular tours being:

Climbing Kilimanjaro

We run an incredibly exciting range of treks that are unique from those provided by other operators in that we have our own routes that have been designed to achieve safer, more thorough acclimatisation than treks that simply follow the standard routes laid out by the National parks authorities. Additionally, we’re the only team to offer four distinct levels of support, ensuring that we are able to cater for every type of trekker rather than requiring you to adapt your needs to a one-size-fits-all model.

So, whether you’re young and fit and want to sleep in the crater and summit twice, both at sun rise and at sunset, we can assist. If you want the trip to be as challenging and old-school as possible and want to carry your own bags, we can assist. Or if, like most of our clients, you want full staff support with three course meals in mess tents, where all you need to think about is trekking, taking photos and enjoy great company, we can definitely assist!

Safaris in Tanzania

We offer probably the broadest range of safaris available, both in terms of accommodation type – from camping in lightweight tents that we carry with us on our vehicles and set up ourselves, to the most exclusive lodges and luxury tented camps on the circuit.

We offer the traditional game viewing safaris along the classic Tanzanian northern circuit, and for those who want more interaction, challenge, and a broader range of activity, we include some adventurous elements into many of our safaris, such as learning survival skills with the Hadzabe bushmen, or climbing Oldoinyo Lengai with a Maasai warrior. We are almost infinitely flexible and can tailor an itinerary to your exact demands.

Everest Base Camp Treks

Our methods in the Himalayas are entirely unique to us alone. In 2002 our founder discovered that every trek operator was committing the same error, for the sake of their own operational convenience: flying clients out high into the Dudh Kosi valley, with no prior acclimatisation and with no opportunity for their bodies to recover and to enjoy reprieve at low altitude following their first exposure to elevation.

Conversely, following their pioneering acclimatisation work with coordinating many of the speed ascent records on Kilimanjaro (including the ladies’ first ever world record, and the current men’s unsupported world record), as well as their oversight of expeditions that assisted a 6 year old to 6,010 metres at Everest Advanced Base Camp on the north side of Everest, and a 5 year old to the summit of Kilimanjaro, Exposure have pioneered a much safer, more thorough and enjoyable means of attaining the required level of acclimatisation.

Our Everest Base Camp treks are therefore entirely unique in that they spend the first three days specifically to gain acclimatisation while visiting the famous, breathtaking Lake Gosainkund, before enjoying total recovery from high altitude exposure back in Kathmandu. We then go to Lukla to begin a trek on which we’re already acclimatised to the elevation of Dingboche the destination normally only reached after 5 difficult days battling against mild AMS. We arrive there fresh and invigorated, and able far better to take in our surroundings, and with much less likelihood of succumbing to pulmonary or cerebral oedema and having to be evacuated.

Some of our tours and expeditions

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